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Mindfulness ~ Kathy’s story

“It’s that first thought, that first recognition, that puts the situation in a different light…so I’m able to deal with it more effectively than I would if I were just stressing out or panicking.”

The pursuit of material things

“I see constantly in my consulting room people who are unhappy [….] because they really don’t know what it is they’re pursuing. They’ve been told somehow that if they gather material goods unto them, that they will feel better . . . but they’ve now learned that they don’t.”

CBT + Mindfulness = MBCT

“It enables you to see it more clearly — to see the chatter of the mind, just going on and on and on — and to begin, not to try to repress it or suppress it, not to try to push it away, but just to notice it, to acknowledge it, even to welcome it…. Read more »

Stuck in a Doorway ~ an OCD story

“If I see someone coming towards me in the street and I don’t like the look of them, I might put my hand over my mouth, or pull my scarf or my hair over, so I don’t have to breathe where they’re breathing. When I go out of a room I sometimes switch the light… Read more »

Carol’s take on CBT for Depression

“CBT worked for me because I understood what was happening; it was a very clearly defined exercise. By the time I’d finished [….] I had definitely shaken a lot of things out of myself, and it had given me confidence in being able to help myself. You know, before I thought I couldn’t actually help… Read more »

Female Bulimia ~ Liselle’s Story

“The secretiveness about it was quite attractive to me, and it was something that was ‘mine’. Unfortunately I became very addicted to the habit of vomiting… I grew to learn to hate myself. I knew it had to stop because I was living a dual life. There’s absolutely nothing glamorous or exciting about developing an… Read more »

My brain won’t shut up! Insomnia and the brain

“I’d say a good 70-80% say that when they go to bed it’s like the stereo’s playing at 11 or 12 and they can’t turn it down at all. So it makes it really hard for their body to downregulate . . . they’ll toss and turn, they’ll think more, they get frustrated and when… Read more »

Why zebras don’t get ulcers

“You need your blood pressure up to deliver energy, you need to turn off anything that’s not essential – growth, reproduction, tissue repair – do it later if there is a later! We turn on the exact same stress response for purely psychological states and the difference is we’re not doing it for a real… Read more »

A virus called fear ~ The science behind anxiety

“Certainly fear would be a very valuable biological mechanism because our ancestors would have lived perilous lives. They would have been frightened of predators… disease would have swooped without warning, without explanation, so they would naturally try to think of ways to avoid these terrible dangers. In the case of disease – which before modern… Read more »

Anger management ~ Animation

“When i was younger I expressed my anger through violence. I would kick holes in walls, smash windows and totally zone out for periods. After much reading and working on my anger I started a journal. Then every time I was angry, every time I felt that explosive feeling, I would write, draw, scribble, anything… Read more »