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Dr Parneet Chahal

Counselling Psychologist


Human distress, whatever shape or form, is a part of our shared experience. We are all affected by human issues, such as coming to terms with loss, anxiety, grief, responsibility, relationships, meaning, and the paradoxes and tensions we may contend with in our lives at one level or another. Passing through these difficulties may be challenging and often painful……and yet they may also be opportunities for learning and growth. My philosophy is that these difficulties may help us learn and develop a greater capacity for tolerance and understanding than we may have had before.  In viewing these situations as potential opportunities for learning, we may meet our own minds more congruently and find resources within ourselves we thought we did not have or had lost.


My approach to therapeutic practice is influenced by humanistic, pluralistic, and systemic perspectives. This means that I trust and believe in your capacity for growth; I hold in mind your frame of reference; I view your difficulties as taking place within the context of your relationships; and I acknowledge and take a pluralistic stance towards the spectrum of therapeutic possibilities and approaches which may be helpful. These ideas have led me to view the therapeutic relationship as central to the therapeutic work, and to strive towards a balance between process-led and client-led choices about therapeutic approaches or tools to use in tailoring therapy to your needs. I aim to work collaboratively with you to help you meet your goals, and try to remain curious throughout your therapeutic journey, exploring and attending to your strengths, inner wisdom, and protective factors, whilst also highlighting any tensions, contradictions, and assumptions.


I am driven by the motivation to learn, understand, help, and engage with life meaningfully. I consider it an honour and priviledge to have the opportunity of working therapeutically.


MSc Counselling Psychology, Keele University
MEd Psychology of Education, University of Manchester
Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, University of Manchester


Integrated Psychotherapy
CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Counselling & Counselling Psychology


Anger Problems
Depression & Unhappiness
OCD & Obsessions
Stress & Burnout