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Dr Helen Mann

Chartered Psychologist

My Philosophy

Everyone lives their life trying to make the best of the resources available to them, but life is far too short to just put up with situations that make us feel unhappy or unfulfilled. We each have the capacity to create the lives that we want, to be comfortable in our own skin, and to be proud of the person that we are.

Rose Garden, 1920. Paul Klee
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None of us choose the life that we are born into, and sometimes we just need a little help to find our place in the world. Therapy can help you to create your own opportunities for change, enabling you to make new connections between the events, beliefs and choices in your life.

My Approach

I like to view people in the context of their relationships with others, as individuals functioning in a bigger picture. I value people’s strengths and try to develop positive and creative thinking. This means that I don’t like to put people into a bracket or pigeon hole and sometimes that means putting aside the theories and simply connecting, without making assumptions.

A good therapist should stay with you, in your world, not hide behind strict models or therapeutic orientations, it’s about what you actually need, not what feels safe for the therapist. Therapy can help guide you towards a place of self acceptance, and ridgidly sticking to a text book is unlikely to help us to discover the real you, or what it is that is standing between you and the life that you want.


I am driven by a curiosity in exploring how people perceive themselves, and how they carve a place into the world around them; how some people seem to know almost instinctively where they belong and what they want out of life, where others may feel lost, alone, or out of sync. It is immensely rewarding to make genuine connections with clients, bridging gaps between us to find shared experience, and helping them to see the world from a new perspective.


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
PGDip Psychodynamic Approaches
Diploma in Psychology
BA Social & Economic History


Counselling & Counselling Psychology
Integrated Psychotherapy


Depression & Unhappiness
Relationship Issues
Anxiety & Panic
Stress & Burnout
Insomnia & Sleep Problems
Anger Problems
OCD & Obsessions