Month: May 2016

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy alleviates pain

Changing thoughts about chronic ailments can provide relief Chronic pain, generally defined as lasting more than 3-6 months, is widespread and debilitating. In a recent large telephone survey of 15 European countries, a huge 1 in 5 of respondents over 18 years old reported suffering with significant pain for more than 6 consecutive months. Understandably,… Read more »

How to be an Existentialist

  How to be an Existentialist: or How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses by Gary Cox Continuum, 2009 This is a great introduction for anyone interested in studying the philosophy of existentialism, and as a ‘handbook’, it highlights the importance of personal freedoms, responsibility and the importance of making, and… Read more »

Overcoming problem drinking

The advantages of psychological therapy over 12 Step Programs Problematic drinking is a touchy issue. Unlike the clear distinctions between ‘dependent’ and ‘sober’ that illegal substances such as heroin and methamphetamine can allow us to draw, alcohol is a part of most people’s lives in the UK on a daily basis, in the form of… Read more »

CBT ~ Not what I was expecting!

A surprise might do you good It’s hardly surprising that if you go into therapy with a genuine hope of a positive result, you’re more likely to emerge with exactly that — and the opposite is also true. So a negative or pessimistic outlook is more likely in clients whose outcomes are poorer. But a… Read more »