Month: November 2015

Life’s flames and embers ~ Tackling ‘burnout’

Beating stress and fulfilling our potential Burnout — often termed ‘burnout syndrome’ as it’s an array of different effects on the mind and body — develops gradually. It creeps up over a matter of months or even years, often affecting the most successful, most driven, most committed people, and causing, at its worst, mental and… Read more »

Mindfulness and the brain

The neural changes associated with mindfulness It’s popularly associated with peacefulness, calm, and stress reduction. But there’s clear evidence that meditation also improves memory, increases awareness, empathy and compassion. These changes are seen on brain scans, which reveal greater density in the areas of the brain associated with these aspects. The research was carried out… Read more »

CBT ~ The story so far

The History of CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Pavlov’s dogs salivating at the sound of the dinner bell; Skinner and his rats and pigeons in boxes learning to bring food down the chute by knocking a lever; Watson’s ‘little Albert’, the baby who learned to develop a fear of fluffy white objects after being frightened by… Read more »

Depression: Out of the blue

Depression is common, but what distinguishes it from ‘feeling low’? As many as one in five of us experiences depression at some point during our lifetime. At any one time, 10 per cent of us are depressed, according to the Mental Health Foundation. Not everyone seeks treatment for depression, and some people don’t ever share… Read more »