Month: June 2015

Psychotherapy for sexual concerns

Resolving sex-related problems with psychological therapy Though it might not seem to be the case (because people are apprehensive about discussing this sort of thing with others), most people experience some form of sexual concern or problem during their lifetime: wanting ‘too much’ of it, not wanting ‘enough’ of it, avoiding it, fearing it, embarrassment… Read more »

Mindfulness, brain and immune function

How mindfulness therapy may alter brain and immune function Anecdotal evidence for the positive effects of meditation on people’s physical and mental health is strong: many report that practicing meditation regularly makes them feel healthier and more emotionally stable. This is one factor that has led to a rise in the use of mindfulness being… Read more »

Counselling for Relationship Problems

Working through problems together in a therapeutic setting While they can be a great source of love, pleasure and support, we all experience difficulties in our personal relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners at some time: misunderstandings or disagreements can escalate into persistent feelings of tension and upset that sometimes require an impartial sympathetic… Read more »