Month: March 2015

How TV affects our body image ~ A study in Fiji

New research is revealing how the media may influence food issues Through the decades, television has been blamed for a plethora of ills in children and adolescents: violence, immorality, poor school grades, and eating problems to name but a few. However, it has rarely been possible to infer that TV actually causes anything at all… Read more »

Counselling for Social Anxiety

Counselling and therapy for anxiety about social situations Social anxiety is characterized by marked apprehension and avoidance of social situations and interactions with other people for fear of scrutiny, criticism, embarrassment or rejection. This is commonly accompanied by and related to agoraphobia, a deep anxiety surrounding situations that the person perceives as being difficult to… Read more »

Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders

Developing a happier relationship with food, eating and our bodies Food, eating and body image are intertwined with emotional, cultural and mnemonic associations so that, when our relationship with food becomes problematic, it can seem hard to know where to start in trying to restore the balance. At The House Partnership, we prefer not to… Read more »