Month: November 2014

CBT for sexual concerns

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for sexual concerns Most of us will experience some form of sexual concern or problem during our lifetime. Many of these are psychological rather than medical in basis (though their symptoms can manifest physically) and can include relationship problems involving sex or infidelity, sex or pornography addiction, sexual avoidance or loss of… Read more »

Hwabyung ~ Korean ‘Anger sickness’

How we view anger is affected by our society and culture Psychological and emotional concerns are far from the same the world over; they are affected by the society and culture within which we live. In this way, culturally-specific ideas of ‘correct’ behaviour, including the ‘right’ responses to difficulties in life, can produce culturally-specific effects…. Read more »

Systemic therapy and your social network

Taking the gaze of therapy away from the individual Some forms of therapy try to explore the deeper, sometimes unconscious impulses and influences that affect our emotions, cognitions, behaviour and well-being. We might be invited to reexamine our past to understand how events and relationships from long ago might be affecting us now, in the… Read more »